The product that got me labeled as “The Cool Mom”

I find myself falling more and more with Amazon Prime as every day goes by.

As a busy mom who works full time, I need to make things as easy as possible.

I found my mom cheat. It could not be any easier.

It took a friend of mine choosing to try thing for the music section alone for me to even notice that this was a real thing.  Not only was it a real thing, but it had multiple different things that make it well worth the cost of the membership.

So like I said she started with the music option of Amazon Prime.  She fell in love pretty quick and was so sold on the ability to find songs that she wanted that she instantly started recommending that I try it.

So here I go looking into this and instead I find myself completely drawn to the free shipping part of it instead.  Absolutely free shipping, as long as you pick a Prime seller? That sounded easy enough. So here I find myself hooked, and I have not even looked into all of the other things that this membership can and will be offering me.


Amazon Kindle Fire Kids Edition


I was blown away. We had these crazy little tablets that were purchased at a local not so smiley place, that allowed out children to change a cartridge and get to a new group of games, but these cartridge’s were not only costly but they were too easy to misplace. We should know, since it has been a little over 2 years since we have used this and we are still finding these bad boys. Just yesterday actually we found one in the pouch of the youngest kids scooter.

This was much different.

Amazon instead introduced me into a tablet that came with a case that I trusted enough to not have to make them stationary, and I could password my side and allow them to play in a the “kid side” that didn’t give them access to the things I didn’t want them to ace access too. No accidental ordering of items from shopping apps, no accidental photo sharing and absolutely no deleting of information that you were planning on keeping.

What is a few things I found out that I wish I knew when I first got my kids this?

  1. Make sure you download all apps on the parent side, and save as many as you can to your SD card first. Once you flip over to the kids side, you just go through the settings (which is passcoded) and add the content to the kids profiles.


  2. Yes there are a few apps that will restrict certain things on this restricted side. If you are needing to directly connect to the internet from the app itself then it will not allow you to.
  3. Yes, you really will end up buying an SD card for them, so you might as well just pull the trigger the first time and add it to the order. I spent way too much time having to work through my daughters storage to free up space for her to get an app that her brother has because why wouldn’t she need the exact same game that he has. *Insert the teenagers eye roll here*


Yes, it is worth it. No you will not regret it. Your kids will love it. And unlike the Apple version of this, there will be no Ads that they can click on to charge to your credit card. It also will be friendlier to your pocket books.


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  1. Sounds too good to be true! But I am guessing it’s I am sure my grandaughter woud love this and so would I as we have had games bought( on my card) and I have lost photos etc so this sounds like a must have …..Thank you for the follow πŸ™‚

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