***Recommended theme park supplies***

So last year I made the dreaded mistake of going to 6 flags without preparing ahead a little bit.  After many years of coming and going to this park with only two children, adding the third really seemed to mess with my abilities here. This year I was able to use a little different of an approach.

What if you forget to run to the store the day before and you drive all the way there and the cost of the products there are at least double what you would have paid at home?

Amazon now has the ability to create lists, and save them for future uses. This allows me to spend the time on days when I have a little extra time going though searching the types of products that I would want to use, and add them all together into a list that I name appropriately. So it’s snowing and blowing outside, in the middle of January in Chicago and since we are stuck in the house doing nothing anyway I choose to search through and make plans for the upcoming summer.

I put together a list for school supplies, as well as a list for swimming needs and of course a list of products that if I ever become a millionaire I will buy, Let me tell you, I have quite a few of those lists all in varying grounds of how attainable they would be to me in reality. 

First thing I threw into my swimming folder was sunscreen.( Now I know that every parent has their own opinions here and I completely respect that every body is different. In my family we have a slight allergy issue along with a connective tissue disorder that makes us have to trail and error quite frequently.)

Hawaiian Tropic sheer protection 50 SPF




The next thing that I searched was rain ponchos. These bad boys can really cost you if you don’t have them and it starts pouring. Also, you can use them at so many other events that it is just silly not to just go ahead and grab a few.  Economically I love these bad guys. Low cost for the bundle, and they also pack up small. The less space that they take the better.

6 pack of rain ponchos


This next item will rank as one of my top purchases that was sight unseen basically from Amazon. I heard good reviews from a friend, and I needed a back up pair of sunglasses for me and the boyfriend before a different trip. Man oh man, this is by far the best pair of sunglasses that I have owned. I’m know quite a few people now who have ordered these, and only one or two have had any issues with them. Out of probably 20 or more people ordering them, and only one of the issues being from the seller, I would say it is a serious success.

Polarized Aviators



Stay tuned for the next post where I plan to discuss some tried and true swimsuits! 

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