Best of both worlds!

Did you know that classic cinemas theatre’s do dollar movies? Ever Wednesday morning they do their kids movies series from the start of summer, until right before school starts again. 

Chicago area class cinema Wednesday 

I did a little investigating after this and found that most movie theaters have an equivalent to this concept. 

Marcus theatre’s do a 5 dollar Tuesday to see any of the hottest blockbusters. If you become a magical movie rewards member then you get a free 46 ounce popcorn, and have the ability to only pay $2 for some candy or hot dogs. 

In addition to this they do a 3 dollar entrance for a replay on a family friendly movie as well. Every Sunday, Monday and Wednesday at 10am. 

The more I look the more I find that almost every theatre has there own version of this concept. 

What a brilliant way to bring people back into the theatre’s! It’s a wonderful way to teach children how to sit for a movie while being able to enjoy the settings of the theatre!

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