You don’t scare me anymore swimsuit weather!

Every summer season comes at me just the same. I am searching and searching for a bathing suit that I will feel comfortable wearing out in public. Every year I make the vow to myself that I will change. Eat less. Hit the gym more.

However every year I find myself in this predicament. Sitting in the bathing suit section, hating myself and making promises to myself that I will never be here, like this, again.

So started focusing on my own body this time. What exactly was it I was so upset about with all of the other suits that I purchased in the past? So I made a list, kept it in the notepad of my phone and saved it so I could make better choices. I shopped a little bit at the after summer clearance sale at my local chain store that I refuse to mention, but really didn’t come up with many things that could be anywhere close to what I wanted.

So it occurs to me that I have searched every other thing I need on Amazon, why wouldn’t they have bathing suits? Let me tell you, they have more types styles and colors then I would every have imagined.

After a lot of searching this is the one I landed on.

high waisted retro styled bathing suit



This has wonderful coverage, amazing tummy control and does not roll down the way that I saw people complaining of in the comments for other high waited suits. I bought this suit almost on the faith of one women who swore that she had tried EVERY suit ever made like this, and this was the only one that did not roll down or sag.

I have little kids and I like to jump around in the water with them and not worry. So this bathing suit is great for a day out with hubby, or a beach trip with the girls but when with the kids I needed a more modest top. So back to good ole amazon. Now I was already at my budget for my swimming suit so this took a little longer to search. I could not jump on the first ones I saw.

Research research research.

modest coverage in adorable suit


Finally I stumbled upon this. With an 80% review and 4.5 stars for something that fit my budget it was well worth the buy! It worked amazing for me and I am not a tiny lady!

So these are my 2017 bathing suit choices and I have to say I outdid myself. I found a way to feel completely comfortable while I was rough housing with my children and their friends, but was still feeling quite good about myself when I hit the beach with my ladies or hubby.


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