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When a close family member of mine was diagnosed 20 years ago with a disorder that no one heard about before, I was too little. I was this cute little girl wearing a pigtails and a dress that made my mother have to keep reminding me to stop climbing on things, and to keep my knees down so I could stop flashing people around us.

I barely remember the visit, but I do remember the doctor stressing that this was the time to take matter’s into out own hands. That this was one of these diagnoses that most doctors do not understand at all. We would have to have our research to show them, and it was important to keep our own copies of everything so we could take them to the specialists when we started seeing them.

That stuck.

While we started small at the time, this turned into a full-fledged job. Keeping binders full of reports, and totes full of the discs as well as the actual film to take with to different places.  I will link in the binder we have been using the last few years now. It is so wonderful! Very organized and they have made it their business to learn all of the things that belong in a type of binder like this!

The best healthcare binder to have

This binder has a 4.7 our of a 5 star reviews at the time of writing this.  There were 32 people to have reviewed this. This is built exactly like a regular binder that you would pick up at the store, but it has the nifty medical dividers to help keep better organized. There is a calendar with it that is enough to cover 3 years. We print a lot out instead of filling in some of these sections to save the hand cramps! Use your judgement. I find this a great purchase that helped everyone get on the same track with the information that we all needed to share.

What saved us a lot of times however, was the symptom trackers. You would be surprised how easy it is to forget some of the significant things that happen in our day-to-day life. While we have changed types, brands and sellers over the years, we recently hooked up with one that has all of the things that we really like to see in these trackers.

Medical Journal that covers EVERYTHING

This journal has a 4.6 rating out of 5. There has been 128 reviews. It is full-sized, easy to read, and even has a drawn figure on the day-to-day to be able to mark problem areas and explain what. For the longest time we did not involve meals, but we learned that it was pretty important to add that detail when we started trying to figure out if a skin rash that developed was a food allergy/intolerance or a reaction to a medication.  This is great for anyone that has been diagnosed with anything ever. After we got used to using it, we actually started buying a few more to fill out and keep track of our elderly grandparents medical information in a way that we understood. This has helped us keep track and get my mother diagnosed with Graves Disease, which is a thyroid malfunction that causes it to bounce back and forth between hypo to hyperthyroidism.

That being said I will eave you with one more item that has helped us as well, for all of our medication needs. Almost half the people that we know takes at least one pill a day. It could just be a vitamin, but it is something. We were continuously running around to family members house to help pick up medications, and then putting them into a day-to-day medication holder. Most of them used a week-long medication holder that could just be opened on that day and snapped closed again, with little fear of taking the wrong days meds or forgetting if you took your medicine today or not. Needless to say I ran across one that you fill that covers the entire month in one set of these snap closed type of boxes.

30 day medication box

This awesome pill-box gives you 30 days with up to 4 times a day with snap closed sections. It has a 4.3 out of 5 stars, with 800 reviews. When you first purchase these, it is harder to open and close these compartments, but if you sit and play with is a few times it loosens up. Simple problem for such a convenient long-term fix. This holds plenty of pills in each slot, and a cute little station to always put it back into and not have any problem finding. It is a little time-consuming to sit and fill all 30 days but when you think of or compare the amount of time it would have taken to fill the smaller one 4 different times, it makes it worth it.

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