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I recently started paying a lot of attention to portable phone chargers as a means to a back up charge when I have my family out and about for the day. We have a lot of electronics that get used in my family and it’s just inconvenient to have dead batteries half way thru a car ride. There is something to be said for teaching children to find things other than electronics to stay busy, or telling them to look out the window and be quiet. However, we are a society of easy fixes and this happens to be one that can be quite convenient.

That being said I have quickly learned that for the most part with these chargers, you get what you pay for. I have gone thru a couple that were horrible quality, ones that worked great once and were never the same, and ones that burn out in just a few short weeks. This sent me on a mission to find better ones.

Jackery Giant+

This first one that I link on here is the one that the most reviews that I saw (9,749 at them time of writing this)  with a 78% 5 star rating. That is great for any product response. People are very quick to review negatively, however they often forget to give positive reviews. Sure there are some skeptics who say that the wattage is incorrect, but when it comes to do with a portable charger that I am willing to pay for and have my kids use and possibly take to school, this is perfect. Not too expensive at all, ranging between $25 to $39 in the last three months since I purchased my first one (which still works perfectly). This charger works for anything that can be plugged into a USB port to be charged. It has 3 blue LED status lights located on the side that indicate the battery charge level. One LED flashing means 0 to 10%, one LED on means 10 to 33%, two means 33 to 66%, three LEDs means 66 to 100%.

This guy has two charging ports and works pretty fast compared to others we have seen. It comes in black, pink silver and orange and comes with its own charging cable and 24 month warranty. There is a 24/7 hotline number to call if you have any questions or concerns.

RAVPower Portable Charger

The second product that I recommend is slightly more expensive, however it also has almost double the power to it as well. This has sat right around $39 for a few months now.  It has had 4,169 reviews, and holds a 76% 5 star rating at the time of review. This one has three different ports to plug into, vs the two that the previous charger had. This charger comes in black and white only. It has very positive reviews overall. This one lasts longer, and has smart technology to know how fast that your product can charge without damaging it. Again, any product that can be charged with a USB port can be charged off of this. From cameras, to phones, to tablets.

This product comes with two charger cables, as well as a lifetime warranty.  It is a little heavier in weight then the first product, but over all if you have the ability to put a few more dollars out for these products this is a perfect middle ground charger.

RAVPower 32000 portable charger

This last product I have to share today is definitely the alpha of chargers, under $100. I have yet to venture above that price point because I just don’t see it as being worth it at all. I am positive that those above my price point have their advantages as well.

This product however, is the one that momma keeps for herself in my household. You have to be really desperate, or I have to really like you that day for me to share. At this moment there is only 100 reviews, but it does hold a 87% 5 start rating.  At the timing of this review the product is running at $79. It is possible to catch this product on sale, so if you are patient and have time before you need it, feel free to wait until it goes on sale again. This product only comes in black. It has three charging ports, comes with two different charging cords and has a lifetime warranty. It takes my phone which is a newer android 3 hours to go from 10%  to fully charged. I have had it for months, and it still charges the same today as it did the first week. The only downside that I find is that I have to charge it from a wall mounted charger for a decently good amount of time, however it then holds that charge for almost a week if I only use it a few times.

Overall I have found multiple uses for having a portable charger. I take it with for long walks when I’m listening to music, or needing to stay open for communication and am unsure how long I will be gone. This was a miracle at six flags Great America for us all to keep our phones charged so we could have check ins with each other instead of dragging the teenagers with us. I highly recommend the usage of any of these products, depending on what your budget allows you.

Let me know if you use one of these, or any others, by leaving a comment and letting me know how they work for you!

Thanks for reading!

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