What’s your ‘go to’ outfit?

That time of year is coming again that sends you digging through your closets for your warmer, cozier cloths to wear. While some people have the same go to pieces that they may have had for a few years, some of us find our self lucky enough to have to head out and buy new things. Maybe you ripped a hole in your favorite sweatpants, or there is a mysteriously stubborn red wine stain on your perfect sweater. None of the reasons matter in the end.

This year as I went looking to see some of the options I ran across an option that I couldn’t scroll past.

NFL logo perfect loungewear



This sweater looks amazing! Now of course you click on this link and you may chose any NFL team that you support, even if I recommend everyone learning what it feels like to be a Chicago Bears fan. 🙂  So this sweater runs 48 dollars even and is eligible for Amazon prime. This sweater has only 18 reviews, but maintains a 3.8 out of 5 stars.  The reviews give you the idea that this may run big, and is not the thickest sweatshirt but is very comfortable. And of course you can not have the sweatshirt without the matching sweatpants so I went searching and found a pair. To be fair, I like to wear Men’s sweatpants to give a baggy feeling so I will share the men’s pair, and then a female option.

Plaid Mens Pajama Pants



This perfect pair of pajama bottoms are crazy comfortable. I bought these for the hubby a few years back from Kohl’s and he is rough on his cloths, but guess what? These have survived him this far! It is well worth the 29.99 cost. This specific pair seems to be a new add on to Amazon itself so there are no other reviews. Let me know it anyone else tries these!

Women’s Team logo Fleece


These fleece joggers run between 24 to 36 dollars and have free shipping with Prime.  They have a 4.3 out of 5 stars and reviews all talk about how comfortable they are.

These are very good comfortable items that I fully recommend to add into you go to wear sections of your closets. Great way to feel comfortable while looking supportive to your favorite team!


One thought on “What’s your ‘go to’ outfit?

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  1. Da Bears? Oh my gosh. I, ahem, grew up in Wisconsin so those Bears along with the Vikings and Lions are on the bad list. 😀 Keep the faith, Chicago will have some great years again.

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