The best doorbell I have ever seen

So recently my neighborhood experience a handful of packages go missing from their porch after being delivered.
This of course was just not acceptable and we started talking about different ways to be able to catch the thieves without putting our own self at risk. We have quite a few different aged folks around me, some older couples and a few young single moms that are worried for their safety if they were to confront whoever was doing this. So instead we decided to be a little smarter than that, and look into security systems.
Yes there really are some amazing systems out these days, and a few of the neighbors were able to step up and purchase some great quality security cameras around their properties. Some were even nice enough to get multiple camera’s and point towards the street in hopes to help protect the closer neighbors.
What they did was noble, and I give them a lot of credit for stepping up.
The rest of us are a little tighter on the purse strings, allowing us no give room to run out and purchase anything too fancy. So what we needed was good quality on a bit more of a budget.
A coworker of mine started to tell me about this doorbell that he has recently started using at his house that had a camera attached to the top of it. This camera turned on with motion detection which is great, since our problem didn’t come a long with a criminal that rang the doorbell to let us know they were stealing our packages. Once on, it stays on the whole time that there is motion detected.Β  As soon as the motion sensor is alerted, the system (attached to Wi-Fi) sends a message to the phone connected to the device.
This is the perfect answer for pesky theft issues around the house without breaking the budget at all.

By far the coolest Doorbell I have seen

So we went ahead an ordered this bad guy and within 2 days I had it on my porch. This wasn’t hard at all to put up. I had that same coworker come over to help me set it up since he had put together his own. There were two option of installing it, which instantly made me happy that I “called uncle” and got help before ever attempting it myself.

After reading through the options we decided to hard wire mine into the original system installed into my house. The internet and my friend helped explain to me that the wires would actually continue to charge my batteries on the doorbell itself, and it would still cause my original doorbell chime to happen through out the house.

I need to be honest and tell you all that we completely relied on a Youtube video to hardwire it. Neither of us are technologically savvy so this worked out well. I am not going to post in the video strictly because I am positive that there will be updated videos that come up over time that will continue to show newer methods.

So once installed, we tested it out and it worked out perfectly (Clearly the wine hadn’t gotten too out of hand yet!).

I have to admit, this has quickly become a hit at my place of employment. We enjoy pulling it up as I get notifications and scaring the delivery men and women by suddenly talking.
By the way this also works on squirrels and neighboring cats as well.

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  1. We got a Ring recently and my son scared the daylights out of me by being a disembodied voice through it a couple of weeks ago, despite the fact that he was far from home:) . Technology is grand, isn’t it?

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