What’s your ‘go to’ outfit?

That time of year is coming again that sends you digging through your closets for your warmer, cozier cloths to wear. While some people have the same go to pieces that they may have had for a few years, some of us find our self lucky enough to have to head out and buy new... Continue Reading →

Always stay connected

I recently started paying a lot of attention to portable phone chargers as a means to a back up charge when I have my family out and about for the day. We have a lot of electronics that get used in my family and it's just inconvenient to have dead batteries half way thru a... Continue Reading →

Pillows from heaven

Have you ever been around a pregnant woman that was able to say that her back felt amazing as her body got bigger? Have you ever listened to a s friend or family member talk about having a hard time sleeping alone? A military spouse complaining about there significant others deployment because the bed feels... Continue Reading →

Medical organization

When a close family member of mine was diagnosed 20 years ago with a disorder that no one heard about before, I was too little. I was this cute little girl wearing a pigtails and a dress that made my mother have to keep reminding me to stop climbing on things, and to keep my... Continue Reading →

Miracles can come in a container!

About a year ago I had a surgery to remove some medical equipment that malfunctioned inside my body and found myself dealing with a full-blown allergic reaction.  Between skin rashes to water retention I was a mess. The bigger problem was that it wasn't letting my surgical incision to close in the slightest. Even when... Continue Reading →

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